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How do I sign up?

Easy! Click on the 'Sign up for service' tab on the left hand side! Just answer the questions, submit the form, and wait for our reply. It will send the form directly into our email box!

Why is there a cost for this service?

Unlike many recycling programs, this service is not a mandatory service that has the customer base to support extremely low fees and as a private company and not a government entity, we also aren't tax payer supplemented or supplemented in any form. All associated costs with running a service business that travels city and county wide, are paid only by us. We do not sell any collected recyclable items. All single stream recycling (which makes up 90% of our collected recycling) has to be transported for sorting and processing. Though we do not personally transport it out of the local area, we do have to pay a volume based fee for that transport, which includes the sorting costs.

Why hire us to pick up your recycling instead of taking it yourself?

*Dream Green provides a service of convenience similar to a car wash, housekeeping or lawn care service. We started this company because we believed that with today's busy lives any successful recycling program would have to focus on convenience and ease.

*Loading it up into your own vehicle is not only time consuming but it can be very messy.

*And finally, we firmly believe in supporting local. We use locally owned companies whenever possible. From banking services and truck repair to the majority of our business and operational supplies, you can feel good knowing that your money stays within your community.   

What is the cost for Commercial Pick-Up Service?

Please call us to schedule your free consultation.

What items do you pick-up?

*Plastics 1 & 2


*Tin Cans



Do I have to sort my items?

No, only shredded paper should be bagged separately as it is nearly impossible to sort out.

Where does my recycling go?

Your items are taken to a transfer station in Paducah where they are then transported to a processing facility in Missiouri.

What is my pick-up day?

Your pick-up day is determined by where you live and your frequency of service. Some of our customers are not always grouped by their location. Example, you may be within city limits but included on our Lone Oak route. See our "Schedule" page for a full listing of pick up dates for the current month.

What we will NOT pick-up?

*Tissues and Paper Towels

*Cotton balls



*Sanitary Napkins






*Diapers (dirty or clean)



*Clothing or shoes or anything made of cloth (Goodwill/Salvation Army, please)


*Unrinsed food containers



*Ammo or anything that can explode! Sidenote: You should probably not put that in your normal trash, either.

*Food or anything containing liquid of any kind

*Bags of dog poo from neighborhood dog walkers (Pssst...pass the word!)

***If some of these included items seem odd for a "do not recycle list", let us assure you that it would not be included if it had never been "recycled" :)