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Do you have someone on your Christmas shopping list who has everything so you have no idea what to buy for them?

How about Aunt Karen who is an avid recycler but refuses to pay someone to do something she can do for herself so every month she sorts her recycling, loads up her car and hauls it down to the dusty drop-off center herself?

Why not give them the gift of time and convenience while also helping them to feel good about the difference they can make just by recycling!

Over the past seven years, our service has been gifted many times and the recipient loved it so much, most have stayed with us even after the gift certificate time was over!

We offer a couple of different options from just emailing you a pre-filled gift certificate that you can print out to take to the office holiday party or family event to handling everything for you including delivering a recycling bin with a red bow and the gift certificate attached. Most have chosen a year's worth of service but you can choose 6 or even just quarter! Contact us at [email protected] for more details!

We promise they will thank you for the saved time and hassle!